• Address: 1 Belemaoil Way, Off Peter Odili Road,
    Trans-Amadi Industrial Area,
    Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Belemaoil conducts regular monitoring of its own HSE performance, in line with the various regulatory bodies, to achieve sustainable improvement and to nurture a positive HSE culture within the organization.
Ambient Air Monitoring To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and Belemaoil HSE policy, key environmental indicators are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory limits.

Rainwater Monitoring Weekly environmental monitoring of the recipient water body is carried out to assess the impact of Belemaoil treated effluents and to confirm that Belemaoil activities are not interacting adversely with the environment.

Sewage Treatment and Disposal Belemaoil has a sewage treatment plant and all domestic sewage from the residential Area are treated in this facility so that only treated clean water flows into the river. The sewage treatment plant is designed to meet the stringent effluent water quality specifications as recommended.

Solid Waste Management Belemaoil waste management plan complies with the concepts of 'waste management hierarchy' and 'duty of care' for both on-site and off-site waste treatment and disposal activities. The principle adopted for solid waste is the 'Cradle to Cradle (C”C)' principle, which is fundamentally the suitable and controlled management of solid waste, supported by the 4R philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. 'Duty of care' audits are regularly carried out with federal and state government regulators. Belemaoil waste management system aims are to reduce waste produced and constantly increase the percentage of wastes recycled or reused when compared to the segment disposed-off or stored on-site.