Welcome to the month of April. I believe this
month, we will accomplish more as a team as
we continue to work towards world-class
standards in Belemaoil. Also, I want to use this
medium to appreciate everyone’s effort so far
and emphasize the importance of each team
members commitment in order to achieve the
vision and goals of our company.
Boma Brown.
WELCOME to the maiden edition of Belemaoil
Producing Ltd Newsletter. This is an in-house informative
platform for our activities, news and events in our operations. This
edition also highlights some landmark events in our operations in
2016 .
BUILD UP TO APRIL 2017. Highlights of Events.
BPL formally took over operatorship of Oil Mining License 55 (OML 55)
which includes Robertkiri, Idama, Inda, and Jokka Fields on June 1st,
2016. Since then, we have had several key events taking place from the
technical, production and business areas of the company, the highlights
of which includes:
Visit of the National Assembly to BPLs Facilities /Platforms in July 2016
Inauguration to Operating Committee (OPCOM) of the Joint Venture (JV)
between Belemaoil and NAPIMS (NNPC)- see photo below.
Inauguration of Asset Management Team (AMT) by Belemaoil and Seplat
which was approved by NAPIMS (see pg.2 for photo and story)
Belemaoil host communities engagement…. (see pg.3 for photo)
BPL first crude lift was successfully carried out in February 2017
Monthly Newsletter April 2017, Vol.1
Abel-Jumbo, Samuel
Adesonya, Ibukun
Stevens Jolene.
This is a Publication of the Corporate Affairs Department. All inputs to
this publication should forwarded to:
bukun.adesanya@belemaoil.com, jolene.stephen@belemaoil.com
Symbols of April.
April's birthstone is the Diamond. The birth flower is
typically listed as either the Daisy or the Sweet Pea.
The zodiac signs are Aries (until April 19)
and Taurus (April 20 onwards). In this beautiful
month, we want to celebrate our own in Belemaoil .
Awunufe Festus Fejiro 2ND
Deborah Abu 7TH
Jolene Stephen 16TH
Ebiegberi Tekenah 16TH
Darego Fubara 18TH
Rufus Olumuyiwa 29TH
With great joy, we announce the birth of BPL staff babies:
Ebiegberi Tekenah (GCR) whose wife gave birth to a baby
February 2017
Ugochi Ekpebegh (HSSE)- who gave birth to a baby boy
BPL Top Management at the Inaugural OPCOM meeting held at NAPIIM’S Headquarters in Lagos
on14/10/2016 led by BPL President/ Founder, Jack-Rich Tein Jr.
NAPIMS okays Belemaoil and SEPLAT pact on OML 55
The news media was agog with the inauguration of the Asset Management Team appointed by Bel-
emaoil and SEPLAT on the 3rd of March, 2017 which is to run for a 3years tenure and possibly for an
additional 3years. The caption above is from THE NATION newspaper. The two firms are now set on
the pact as a strategic financial collaboration to generate values for all stakeholders of OML55 as NNPC
will continue to earn sixty percent from revenue, the Federal Government will earn taxes and royalties
and Belemaoil and SEPLAT will earn their revenue from the operations in OML55. Belemaoil Managing
Director is the head of the AMT while SEPLAT Managing Director is the Deputy.
L-R: Jack-Rich Tein Jr. (Belemaoil Founder/ President), Marcel Amu (NAPIMS), Austin Avuru (SEPLAT, CEO/MD), Boma Brown
(Belemaoil MD)
Health as well as safetywas the theme of HSSEs March Initiative. Improving standards and unsafe act reporting on Belemaoil Producing Limited sites were targeted during
the companys drive aimed at preventing health hazards, bodily injury or loss of life. Between February through March, HSSE officers carried out unannounced walkthrough
inspections of different areas at each field in OML55, and office locations in Lagos and Port Harcourt, where refurbishment projects or repair works were underway.
The main aim of this initiative was to attain an improvement in BPL standards (particularly at the sites), increase awareness of HSEs expectations of the company and pre-
vent immediate risk while bringing about sustained improvements.
Umorh Moro
HSSE Department
Our team will bring innovation and best prac-
tice in Human Resource Management to
effectively align and achieve the vision of
Belemaoil Producing Limited.
Robert Tuboala
Human Resources Manager
A key factor that defines who we are is our
corporate identity and our brand. We shall
collectively strive to develop, build and sus-
tain a positive brand. We shall ensure that
our reputation remains ‘indigenously world
class and our business processes are
Samuel Abel-Jumbo
Corporate Affairs/ Legal Manager
It is pertinent to state that Belemaoil Produc-
ing Limiteds Contracting and Procurement
(C&P) activities are anchored on accounta-
bility, transparency and pursuit of value for
money. Thus, all participants are encour-
aged to constantly uphold the tenets of
ethical and complaint behavior in line with
the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) and in
pursuance of the aspirations of BPL.
Douglas. D. Dimpka,
Commercial Manager
Belemaoil Producing Limited is embarking on
increasing the value of our assets. The fields
are mature and we are working assiduously to
replenish reserves. We are currently on the
design phase of a seismic acquisition program
for OML 55.
Dr. S. Briggs
Exploration Manager
Belemaoil has done Well head integrity
checks. We mobilized Well Intervention Cam-
paigns to complete the E Line logging and
Snake Line Campaign. More so, we success-
fully connected our houseboats to the electrical
supply at Robertkiri and we have proceeded to
do the same design at our Idama platform.
Robert Hughes
BPL Wells Manager
Belemaoil’s Courtesy Visit to the Amanayabo of Kula Kingdom, Kula Kingdom Council of Chiefs led by the Managing Director
Belemaoil pays homage to the Amayanabo of Kula Kingdom, HRH King (Sir)
Dr. Kroma Amabibi Eleki-Sara XIV JP and His Majesty, King Edward Asimini
Pepple III, Amanayabo and Natural Ruler of Grand Bonny Kingdom.
The Wells Reservoir and Facilities Management
(WRFM) philosophy and approach will be em-
ployed to manage the Belemaoils OML 55 asset
to ensure maximum realization of its lifecycle
value. The plan aims to comply with Global Best
Practices, Directorate of Petroleum Resources
(DPR) statutory regulations and Contractual/
Partners/ Stakeholders requirement as a mini-
mum. The plan will provide an overview of the
strategic decisions on how the WRFM objectives
are pursued in the OML 55 asset. Also, it will aim
to balance the requirements and strategy for
short term individual well management as well as
longer term evaluation for sustained reservoir
performance improvement.
In summary, Integrated Planning, clear responsi-
bilities and early engagement of all stakeholders
are critical for the successful implementation of
this plan.
Sir. Chidi Osuji
Head, Sub-Surface/ Lead Reservoir Engineer
The maintenance activities have been geared
towards sustaining operations readiness and
technical integrity assurance of the flowlines for
oil production at Belemaoil s three platforms. We
have worked and constantly work to improve
safety and reduce risk to personnel with zero
incident so far. There have been no leaks or spill
due to pipeline or flowline failure, thus, avoided
unacceptable environmental impact. Using miti-
gation corrosion, our team has ensured preser-
vation of our assets value and we are always
complaint to laws and regulations guiding pipe-
line operations with OML 55. We intend to con-
tinue our good working relationship with our
regulators, DPR, by our participating in pipeline
survey workshops and facility audit.
Erasmus Onuoha
BPL Pipeline, Lead
Asset and Technical Integrity on Belemaoil
facilities is a collective responsibility. While a
proactive maintenance program ensures
Asset Integrity is sustained over time, the
best safety device is a careful worker. Get
the safety habit so that everyone goes
home safely.
Egbert Ogolo
Production/Facilities Engineer
In-line with our corporate short and long
term goals, the Process Engineering de-
partment will be driving OML 55 gas mon-
etization project. This project proposed is
currently being appraised and reviewed to
select the most profitable and technically
viable implementation.
Oyeyemi Oyelere
Process Engineer
Belemaoil Courtesy visit to His Majesty, King Edward Pepple III, Amanayabo and /Natural Ruler of Bonny Kingdom, led by our Managing .Director,
At Belemaoil, our approach is to proactively engage with communities within our areas of oper-
ations, identify with their challenges, provide support, and develop wealth-creating partnerships
that make real difference in these communities. Our Model is to continue to aim at improving
and maintaining the well-being of all our communities through the development of sustainable
partnerships for mutual prosperity. We aim to conduct our relationships sensitively and with
mutual respect, we will work with our local communities to develop projects that are impactful in
Attaining the corporate vision and goals of Belemaoil entails
providing corporate analysis, routine communication with each
business unit to develop and monitoring projects, analyzing
capital investment opportunities and evaluating our rate of
There is a constant need for due diligence in any situation in
order to develop and execute processes and allow for routine
analytical reviews of the companys financial and operational
Analyzing, strategizing and developing our corporate goals
creates a necessity to periodically examine the political, social,
economical, legal, technological and environmental aspects of
the business. In addition, providing consultation for strategic
processes and support to senior management will ensure a
positively steady growth and development for Belemaoil.
Jimba Agbasonu,
Chief Business Strategist
What to expect in April
April is a month of great expectations from every member of Belemaoil.
As we all know the completion of Block C of our head office in Port Har-
court is in view. This will create better working environment for better
productivity for all.
Also, our new website and social media platforms are fully operational
now. Our website remains www.belemaoil.com. You can also check
other media platforms for our news and events on Instagram, Facebook
and Twitter.
We will be visiting different communities in Rivers State as we continue
to build our community relationships and we will pay homage to rulers of
host communities.
Belemaoil Producing Limited
1 Belemaoil Close,
Peter Odili Rd, Trans Amadi Industrial Area
Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Telephone: +234 (0)80 3877 5854
Email: info@belemaoil.com.ng
Website: www.belemaoil.com.ng
Edited by: Ibukun Adesanya, Business Analyst and Jolene Stephens , GCR.