Corporate Philosophy:

Together with the pursuit of the E&P business, our goals are aligned with governments in the area of societal development and social service provision (e.g. in Health, Education and Economic empowerment), gas processing for domestic use, gas-fired electric power generation, and fertilizer production.
Our robust governance system and processes enhance speedy decision- making and execution but maintains operational stability, leading to cost efficiency.

Who We Want To Be:

Belemaoil Producing Ltd represents the enterprising spirit of Nigerians and their natural drive to go beyond a given point. This informs the Company’s core values especially the drive to commit to “Making global power local”.

In line with our vision “to be at the forefront of harnessing hydrocarbon resources in Nigeria and the world at large by using cutting-edge technology in a sustainable, economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner”, Belemaoil is providing leadership to take the Niger Delta & Nigeria beyond mere production of hydro carbons. Creating a true industrial hub in the Niger Delta with integrated processing facilities across different Sectors, will give our National economy greater competitive edge in the international arena.

Belemaoil Producing Ltd. is working towards an industrial culture that embeds international standards of performance and diversified skill pools in all business areas within its operational corridors and among our stakeholder groups.  Such a technical foundation to domesticate international standards across business areas in the Niger Delta and other places of the company’s operations, will enhance investment flow into new industries in various Sectors to improve export capacity of the National economy. Abundance of local expertise with value-chain & content development focus, will sustain cost-effectiveness and competitive edge of industries in our Nation.; indeed, opening doors towards making “global power local”.

At Belemaoil, we see a new era where optimizing hydrocarbon production for wealth creation in our Nation will deliver more processing plants such as refineries, chemical fertilizer plants and Petro-chemical facilities.

Host communities of Oil and Gas operations across the Niger Delta will become integrated to “local content” factories to create vibrant local economies that will help to make our National economy more resilient and robust.

Recent Development:

The company recently acquired a 2 million barrels capacity Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel located nearby OML 55 in the Atlantic Ocean for deployment to address the debilitating theft of crude oil being transported through third part pipelines and terminals.

A state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment was acquired during 2018. This is now staffed by trained and certified personnel from our Host Communities to respond to emergencies. The fire-fighting team and equipment pool will serve company operations as well as do community service in Port Harcourt and environs, and our operational areas.

Belemaoil is currently embarking on an ambitious Seismic data acquisition to unlock the full potentials of the oil and gas reserves in OML-55, as well as enable an improved geological understanding of the Niger Delta.