Social Investment

As a foremost E&P indigenous company with it operation situated within its Host Communities Belemoil consider Social Investment as an opportunity  for mutual wealth creation & sustainable economic growth in its operational communities. Our BELEMAOIL MODEL is hinged on not only providing sustainable development projects in its communities of operation, but also ensuring that Social Investment deliverables are also provided for our communities as a complete bouquet of our Social Performance as a truly indigenous brand.

Our Social Investment strides are feasible in area of Education Enhancement/ Support (Scholarships, Health-Care Intervention Economic Empowerment Women & Youths, Special-Needs Support & Empowerment ( Widows, Persons With Disability PWDs & Elderly), Special Skill Training Programme, & Technical Graduate Training Programme.


With over 1000 Women Empowered within our Host & Stakeholder Communities; 150 Graduate & Special Skill Trained;  over 1200 Direct & Indirect youth employment; over 750 Foreign & Local Scholarship Beneficiaries; & over 100 Beneficiaries of our Health-care programme, all these just within 2 years of our operation we are confident to declare that our Social Investment Thrust as  operationalized in our BELEMAOIL MODEL explains who we  as an Indigenous E & P company.