Produced Water Handling:


BPL as a responsible operator is fully committed to Produced Water handling and protection of our environment.

In oil and gas production, bulk fluid comprising of oil, gas and water flow from the reservoir to the production platforms and subsequently separated. This water is referred to as Produced Water and must be treated and disposed properly in line with EGASPIN and DPR regulation to ensure protection of our environment.

BPL has produced water treatment units and is currently treating produced water from OML 55 before disposal. BPL is also upgrading the capacity of its produced water treatment units to handle forecasted volumes including third party produced water from neighboring OMLs.

A more sustainable solution is re-injection and BPL is carrying out subsurface studies to identify suitable reservoirs where produced water can be re-injected for reservoir pressure maintenance and disposal purposes. With the earlier option having potential to increase hydrocarbon recovery.


Mr. Egbert Ogolo

Lead, Facilities Engineering


Egbert Ogolo is a dynamic and result-oriented engineer with 16 years vast experience in the oil and gas industry. He holds a B.Tech Degree in Chemical/Petro-Chemical Engineering from Rivers State University, Nigeria and MSc. Degree in Subsea Engineering from Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He is responsible for major production facilities projects include asset integrity to ensure Belemaoil production facilities are safe and fit for operations. His experience ranges from projects, drilling, wellhead, Christmas tree, well cementing, pipeline, facilities activities while working for several multinational and indigenous companies including SPDC, Schlumberger and Belemaoil. He is also affiliated to NACE, NSE, ASME, SPE organizations.