Our Corporate Social Performance is hinged on our BELEMAOIL MODEL which mirrors our shared philosophy of promoting wealth creation in partnership with our communities. This engagement strategy of mutual wealth creation translates into building trust between parties. As stated by the Company’s President/Founder Mr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr, ‘’our engagement will not limit community stakeholders to only what they want but more importantly, stimulate in them a higher aspiration to raise their scope of possibilities’’. The Belemaoil Model is designed to encourage the community to pursue positive competition towards creating a sustainable business-friendly environment.

Through the BELEMAOIL MODEL, we support communities via a myriad of ways like Youth Employment, Young Graduate Training Scheme, Scholarship Awards, Infrastructural Development (Roads, Land Reclamation, Shore Protection, Potable Water Supply to our Host Communities and far-flung places in the North-East and other areas: Bauchi, Gombe, Katsina, Sokoto and Enugu states, with others being considered.


The BELEMAOIL MODEL underscores our Social Performance engagement process that enables and promotes mutual wealth creation in partnership with our Host Communities. This engagement strategy translates into building trust between us and our Host Communities, and indeed our stakeholder groups in our operational areas.

Anchored on the vision of the President/Founder, Mr Jack-Rich Tein Jr, our engagement will not limit our Host Communities and Stakeholder Groups to only what they want but more importantly, it will create a spring board that will stimulate in them a higher aspiration to raise their scope of possibilities. The BELEMAOIL MODEL is designed to provide the missing element in communities by encouraging them to pursue positive competition towards creating a sustainable business friendly environment they can be proud of, and a future they desire.

Our Model, was launched soon after the Company began operation in 2016 as a direction for Community /Stakeholders engagement. It stems from the principles that drive the President/Founder and his leadership team to seek to build a different kind of organization. ‘’It is one where an emerging brand can be known as a truly world class company whose personnel draw enthusiasm from its formidable operational engine of “Making global power, local”. Backed by four brand themes; our personnel are now inspired to manage operations at different levels of the Company’s business. Their interactions with Communities and other Stakeholders are encouraged to project a purposeful corporate resolve: as a high energy indigenous company with growing international network, where challenges only define the Team for better performance’’.

The BELEMAOIL MODEL is built on mutual respect and a drive for mutual wealth creation to empower communities towards the pursuit of higher aspirations. Our purpose is to change the narrative in Company – Host Community relationship and management. Our model reflects the values which the President/Founder Mr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr, opined, that, ‘’I am not the owner of the wealth brought into my care. It is to impact generations positively. Wealth stockpiled without placing it in motion to create other wealth is a stagnant wealth…it is destructive. It can be a curse to me if I fail to create wealth for others’’.

Not only does The BELEMAOIL MODEL engineer forward-looking economic empowerment of our communities for wealth creation towards achieving sustainable development and the dignity of citizens, it also serves as a vehicle to renew confidence in the capacity of Niger Delta communities to draw energy for self-development from their proud history. Indeed, in building mutual trust and confidence between the Company and Host Communities / Stakeholder groups to work together, they are encouraged to function as partners in the wealth creation process and not alienated by the Company’s operations.

Today even the Nigerian Army has endorsed the Belemaoil Model as a success story and urged other oil companies to emulate the same in Company-Host Communities’ engagement in Nigeria. Also, the BELEMAOIL MODEL is fast becoming a model for other companies operating in the Niger Delta.



Belemaoil has done so much for the community, we are happy, we are happy that a company like this is operating in our domain, Belemaoil sees electricity as a basic human right, without electricity, other essential steps for social development such as public health services or education cannot thrive. Belema's goal is to supply 24 hours electricity to the community from its flow station. . .
King Kariboye Teinya 1 Okio - Amayanbo of Idama (Ekulama) Community
The first thing they did when they came in was to embark upon a gigantic water project. . . . .will effect and enhance the health status of everyone within the community. . . .
King Kroma Amabibi Sara Eleki Sara - Amayanabo of Kula Community
Due to the efforts of Belemaoil. now, all the youths are engaged. There is no separate in our water well. on a yearly basis, Belemaoil and NNPC offer scholarship awards to host communities for post-graduate, undergraduate and post-primary schools within. . . .
King Sibia Sukubo Aaron, Kilama Diaba-Offo - Amayanabo of Offoin-Ama Community
. . .  They are giving 200-300 scholarships per year, annual for at least two years for our indigenous sons and daughters. Each year, over N100 Million is earmarked to cover the various academic disciplines across the globe.
King Bourdillon Ekine Oko - Head of King Oko Royal House owners of Belema Community