Support to BackUp


Our BELEMAOIL MODEL also supports communities through following programmes:

  1. Increasing youth employment:  Starting with the creation of over 3000 jobs for communities in oilfield operations, monitoring & surveillance as well as, fire management and seismic field work, OML 55 continues to grow the productive capacities and purchasing power of people in our Host Communities.
  2. Graduates Trainee Scheme: Belemaoil Model provides for training of young graduates specifically in different aspects of relevant skills development in Oil & Gas industry but generally as part of growing human capital pool in the communities. It makes them employable by companies as well as enterprising business promoters. 50 of them are currently benefiting as the first batch in the programme.
  3. Multiple tier of scholarship Awards: Belemaoil Producing Ltd runs several tiers of scholarship programmes to encourage growth of qualified manpower, enterprise promotion and entrepreneurship drive in Niger Delta communities and across the country with following portfolios:
  • Host Communities Scholarship Award
  • Scholarship for families of fallen heroes
  • Promoting the Girl Child Education

Building competitive skill pools & local capacities:

  • Through a vigorous implementation of technical and non-technical type contracts to meet local content goals, we support enterprises in host environments to grow competencies at commercial scale and to enjoy technical support to deliver needed operational values.

Rural Development:

  • Belemaoil is embarking on road construction and provision of potable water of world-class standard to communities in its areas of operation and in other parts of Nigeria. The water scheme covers Rivers State, Bauchi, Gombe, Katsina and Sokoto, among states listed for the project. Championed by the President/Founder, the water scheme brings high quality portable drinking water certified by the World Health Organization and the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) respectively to various communities. Our company is also on a reclamation & road construction project in Kula Kingdom of Rivers State.


  •  As a way of improving the health of people in our host communities, Belemaoil Producing Ltd has sponsored a free medical programme to tackle many eye-related and predominant health cases. Many cases have been recorded such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, Pterygium, Refractive Errors, age-related eye problem known as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Hypertensive Retinopathy as well as Diabetic Retinopathy and Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Our medical outreach brings benefits to various segments of people in communities, as they get medication ranging from eye drops, to corrective glasses, or other drugs. In addition, cases that needed surgery are also treated.

Belemaoil Producing Ltd encourages collaboration with other stakeholder groups to serve communities:

  • One of such initiatives is to identify and work with willing Diaspora groups to share in the joy of contributing to shaping the aspirations of their motherland. Belemaoil is currently on course with the Kalabari National Association (KNA) in Diaspora, to effect a free medical outreach in three local government areas of Kalabari Kingdom. The first programme attended to over three thousand patients. Cases of hypertension, diabetes, various infections, abdominal pain and chronic pain were covered. 88 of them led to general surgeries performed on a broad range of patients.


Belemaoil has done so much for the community, we are happy, we are happy that a company like this is operating in our domain, Belemaoil sees electricity as a basic human right, without electricity, other essential steps for social development such as public health services or education cannot thrive. Belema's goal is to supply 24 hours electricity to the community from its flow station. . .
King Kariboye Teinya 1 Okio - Amayanbo of Idama (Ekulama) Community
The first thing they did when they came in was to embark upon a gigantic water project. . . . .will effect and enhance the health status of everyone within the community. . . .
King Kroma Amabibi Sara Eleki Sara - Amayanabo of Kula Community
Due to the efforts of Belemaoil. now, all the youths are engaged. There is no separate in our water well. on a yearly basis, Belemaoil and NNPC offer scholarship awards to host communities for post-graduate, undergraduate and post-primary schools within. . . .
King Sibia Sukubo Aaron, Kilama Diaba-Offo - Amayanabo of Offoin-Ama Community
. . .  They are giving 200-300 scholarships per year, annual for at least two years for our indigenous sons and daughters. Each year, over N100 Million is earmarked to cover the various academic disciplines across the globe.
King Bourdillon Ekine Oko - Head of King Oko Royal House owners of Belema Community