Resolution of OML-25 Dispute: Founder/President of Belemaoil Sue for Peace in Kula

The Founder/President of Belemaoil Producing Ltd Engr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr. has called for unity among all sons and daughters of Kula Kingdom following the peaceful resolution of the OML-25 dispute between Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and its Host Communities.

The Founder of Belemaoil at a Town Hall Meeting and Special Thanksgiving Service in Kula, shortly after the signing of the Agreement, advocated an end to all forms of hatred, division and acrimony among the people.

Engr. Tein Jr. said: “I also pledged to ensure that opportunities are created for all sons and daughters of Belema Community, Offoin-Ama Community and the entire Kula Kingdom. I promised to carry everybody along in my empowerment programme. I said to the Group Managing Director of NNPC that yes, I’m going to do it because even while I was pursuing OML-55 there were those who didn’t support Belemaoil but today they are all benefitting from Belemaoil. Now is the time to forget about the past, now is the time to ensure that we live together as one united Kula. It is not time for you to say A was bad, B was good, C is most excellent, no, let’s move forward because the victory is not to Belemaoil but to Nigeria and you that have made this victory a possibility. Hate is dead in Kula Kingdom while Love now lives”.

The Founder/President of Belemaoil Producing Ltd Engr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr. also explained that under the peace agreement, while Shell retains the Operatorship License of the oil facility, Belemaoil will control Maintenance, Operation, Employment and Surveillance jobs. 

He explained that Shell and Belemaoil will jointly address the developmental needs of the Host Communities in Joint Venture with the NNPC.

According to Mr. Tein Jr., “the agreement enables Belemaoil and Shell to work together. Shell remains the License Owner, while Belemaoil will be responsible for Operation and Maintenance. Belemaoil will employ the personnel in the entire field, Belemaoil will ensure that all the Surveillance and Patrol Services are carried out in the field. Belemaoil and Shell will jointly work with the Host Communities to understand their developmental programmes and needs and ensure that they are carried out to the satisfaction of the communities. It is a critical deal, it is a win-win deal where everybody is happy. The GMD of NNPC made this happen at the instance of the Federal Government. While this issue lasted everyone was hurt, the government were hurt, the communities were hurt, all stakeholders wanted this resolved amicably. The outcome of the peace deal enables all parties to be happy.”

For his part, His Royal Highness, King Bourdillon Allen Ekine, Oko XXVIII, owner of Belema Community where OML-25 is situated, described the Founder and President of Belemaoil. Mr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr., as the Moses of the people sent by God to liberate them from enslavement and backwardness. He prayed that God blesses him, and called for allocation of more oil blocs to Belemaoil by the Federal Government.

Also speaking, the Spokesperson of Belema Community, Chief Fiala Okoye-Davies described the Founder and President of Belemaoil as eminent Ambassador of Kula Kingdom, a Trail Blazer, a Pathfinder, a High Flyer, and a Pacesetter, adding that Mr. Tein Jr has made Kula proud.

He said: “the late eminent sage of the South West Obafemi Awolowo once said that the day Kula will arise the whole world will know about her. Today is one of the remarkable days that the whole world is shaking, everybody wants to associate with Kula.” 

For his apart, the Chairman of Offoin-Ama Council of Chiefs and Spokesman of OffoinAma Community, Chief Ibiyosia Nath-Sukubo, described the peaceful resolution as a major milestone in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas industry and its operations in the Niger Delta. He said it is one of its kind that has happened to a Niger Delta Community.

Also, the Publicity Secretary of the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe described the resolution as the dawn of a new era in the history of Kula, adding that this will engender rapid economic transformation of the area. He thanked the Leader of PANDEF, Chief Edwin Clark for his uncommon efforts in the OML-25 struggle.

Meanwhile, Prayers and glowing speeches were made at the Special Thanksgiving Service in Kula in honour of the Founder and President of Belemaoil, Mr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr following the resolution of the OML-25 dispute.

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