Belemaoil partners KNA on Healthcare Delivery

Over three thousand persons from the three local government areas of the Kalabari Kingdom has benefited from a free medical outreach organized by a Diaspora organization known as the Kalabari National Association in conjunction with Belemaoil Producing Ltd and the O.B Lulu Foundation

Belemaoil, apart from providing logistics such as fuel, diesel and canopies, also deployed Doctors and Nurses who adequate attended to patients for the week-long programe. The company also used the opportunity to convey some elderly sick persons from Abuloma community to Degema where they were attended to.

Speaking with Belemaoil Media Team during the outreach, one of Belemaoil’s Medical Consultant, Dr Sokaribo Oweredaba, said the company decided to take part in the partnership of the programme because it holds the healthcare of its host communities in high esteem.

On his part, President of Kalabari National Association, USA, Dr Sobomabo Lawson, who led the Mission thanked Belemaoil for supporting the programme.

The beneficiaries were evaluated for various ailments including; hypertension, diabetes, various infections, abdominal pain, and chronic pain. Eighty-eight general surgeries were performed. Majority of the surgeries were herniorrhaphy (hernia repair), hysterectomy, myomectomy, lipoma and cyst removal.

Thirty eye surgeries that consisted of twenty-seven cataract extractions and three pterygium removals were performed and about one hundred and forty dental surgeries including tooth extraction and minor dental surgeries.

Also, twenty-nine newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals who have now been registered to receive free HIV treatment; we paid the registration fee for these individuals while about one-thousand pairs of both reading and prescription eyeglasses were given out.

Furthermore, over three hundred breast cancer screening for women 40 years and over; 5 highly suspicious breast cancer cases were detected – 3 ultrasound-guided biopsies were performed, 1 mammography, 1 did not show-up for a follow-up. Multiple varied uterine fibroids and pelvic inflammatory diseases were diagnosed via ultrasound.

There was one twin-birth that combined a natural birth and caesarian section plus two other natural deliveries.

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